Start-Up Consulting

​We provide start-up consulting for new doctors or dentists as well as established practitioners looking to switch their billing company.  We provide a one stop shop for physicians and dentists to begin their practice by providing short-term start up consulting and long-term credentialing, billing, and collection services.


We help you to establish your staff privileges (if necessary), we request letters of intent for you to enroll with public and private health and dental insurance companies, we complete the initial as well as annual credentialing applications required and ensure that each party that must have your most updated licenses have the current filings in place.

Medical Billing

​Being in business for 26 years we have provided billing services for numerous disciplines. At Management Solutions, we create, scrub, and submit claims. In addition, we will manage denials, create appeals, and send in resubmit claims. We handle the regulatory insurance rules and bureaucracies, so you nor your staff will be inundated with complicated billing issues. We post insurance and patient payments and we will send patient statements and conduct follow-up on unpaid balances. Reports are provided to show you the status of your billing services progress, so you know the financial state of your business. We offer the autonomy to run your business your way, but the transparency to ensure you are getting paid what you have earned.

Dedicated Support

​We staff over 20 billing experts and we are hiring more to ensure that we are here when you need us. Our team's number one goal is monitor your billing to make sure you get paid what you deserve, so you and your staff can concentrate on seeing patients and the many other facets of your company. We take the time to, professionally and courteously explain your bills to your patients, to obtain what is necessary, so that you will collect faster; ultimately, increasing your businesses efficiency. We have a proven track record of helping practitioners financially succeed and grow their business.

​Merchant Services

​Would you rather pay a small percentage of your reimbursements, to provide credit card processing at your business, or delay your payments and potentially negatively impact your cash flow? We partner with a number of credit card processors, so we can shop out your new or existing services to determine which credit card provider will offer you the most competitive pricing. This is provided for VISA/MasterCard/AMEX.

An outsourced billing company can provide you the flexibility to run your business and peace of mind knowing that you have an objective third-party monitoring your payment process to help you prevent fraud and embezzlement while also ensuring that you are meeting insurance and regulatory compliance mandates.

Medical And Dental Billing And Collections in Las Vegas